Monday, March 31, 2008

The Eclectic Life of a Three Year Old

I was just thinking today about all the things my kids do. Not because I force them to, but because they enjoy the activities, and they ask to do them. For example, today has gone like this so far:

Get up, have breakfast
Go to ballet class
Visit Starbucks on the way home
Get out tricycles and ride them around the block (including all the courts)
Come home, do Yoga
Relax with a movie and popcorn

The afternoon looks to have backyard play, coloring, and a bbq on the schedule. Not a bad day for a three year old.

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Sunday, March 23, 2008


Delicious, delicious honey baked ribs for dinner. And Easter cookies
with chocolate milk. Mmmmmm. Thanks honey.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Extended Weekend Update ala Andrea

Friday was my birthday, but we didn't have anything super special planned. I slept in, got up, had a yummy breakfast of German Pancakes, then headed to the movies with Bill and the girls. It was opening day for Horton Hears a Who, so we just had to see it. It was a cute movie with quite of bit of humor for the adults, but totally appropriate for children as designated by it's G rating.

After the movie, we came home, regrouped, grabbed Stacey, and headed to dinner with a large majority of my family. We ate at House of Gengi on 1st Street. It was good, but not as tasty as the Royal Teppan Steakhouse in Cupertino where we celebrated with Liz and Andrea earlier in the week.

After that, it was home and to bed for the old folks (me) and the little ones (Sam and Riley).

Saturday I slept in again, then went to our church for the annual St. Patrick's Day dinner. The food is not great, the entertainment (Irish clog dancing) is ok, but the overall event turns out to be great. Our whole family goes every year, and watching the girls eyes light up while watching the dancing, and seeing them clap along is the best.

Sunday was a serious Spring cleaning day at our house. I got a majority of our bedroom cleaned out, took down the last crib, did more laundry (never ending), cleaned up the kitchen, touched up the bathrooms, etc. Then it was off for a small gathering of hockey buddies up in Woodside. There was a firepit where we made S'mores, and the company was great.

Monday the girls had their first ballet recital. I'm a little partial, but I think they were very cute. There was a total switch in roles however. Usually Riley is very focused, following everything the teacher says, and doing it to the best of her ability. Sam is not quite as focused. She'll dance for a bit, then wander off, watch from the sides, flit around the room, etc. The day of the recital however, Sam was super focused and in performance mode. She smiled at the audience, and danced her little heart out. She was quite the little entertainer. Riley unfortunately got a terrible case of stage fright, and spent most of the performance standing off to the side of the stage. She finally ended up dancing a little with the teacher. Overall I think they did great for their first time.

Tuesday (today) is another story. One that involves 3 carseats, and will be told later.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Checklist for the day:

Sleep in: check (sorta)
Miss kids crafting event: check
Push over mountain of laundry on the couch, so I can watch junk tv:
check, and double check.
Totally ignore messy front room: check
Eat Toffifay and cookies for breakfast: check
Living in a state of denial: check

Monday, March 10, 2008

Funniest lunch ever

Today I decided to take the 3 girls (Sam, Riley, and Val) to lunch, and
boy am I glad I did. We had the funniest conversations. We actually
sat at lunch for an hour and a half. That's virtualy unheard of with
young kids, but goes to show what a good time all of us were having.
Here are some excerpts from lunch and the ensuing IM conversations:

Me: Oh man. Heart melting.
AT2: ?
Me: Val jus leaned over and said, "love you Auntie"
AT2: awww!
Me: Then she says, "love the mommies."
AT2: i love spontaneous "love yous"
Me: Me too
Me: That's the first one I've gotten from her though.
------------------------ 14:12 ------------------------
Me: Ok. What does your daughter want? I'm getting the full workover.
AT2: want for...?
AT2: cuddles!
Me: Head leaning on shoulder, cute look on face, patting of shoulder,
and many many, "I love you's", and "cuddle".
AT2: uh oh, careful, "candy" might be the next thing she says
Me: Uh oh

Just for the record, she never did ask for candy.

Me: Do you want some bread Sam?
Sam: No. No bread.
Sam loves bread, so her refusal is unheard of which caused me to respond
with, "Who are you?"
Sam: "I'm samantha. Did you forget?"

There was also an excellent demonstration on how to eat pasta by Riley.
It involved head tilting, 2 hands, and a spinning fork. You just had to
be there for that one.

There were also conversations about counting and why we don't eat bugs
accompanied by numbered reasons counted out on their fingers. I don't
know what caused them to think of that - there weren't any bugs around.

None the less, it was a great lunch.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Ice sculpture anyone?

I was perusing the Ice Oasis web site because our hockey coach, Peter (BluePoofs hubby) sent a link to their webcam. While I was trying to load that I noticed the following advertisement:

Penquin Ice Company
Dry Ice, Party Ice, Ice Sculptures
24hr Emerg Serv.

What exactly is an ice sculpture emergency and why would it need to be taken care of at all hours of the day. As my hubby said, "OMG, it's 3:00 A.M. and I need an ice sculpture. What am I gonna do?" To which his uber smart wife (that would be me folks - stop laughing) would respond, "I know! Lets call Penquin ice.."

Or how about, "Quick, it's 3:00 A.M. and I've just removed a person's kidney, get me a bathtub full of ice STAT!"

I think you can see how the conversation went from there. Yep, all down hill.

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Friday, March 07, 2008

YoYo Crackers

For the most part my kids don't get a lot of cookies. Mostly they've had the boring animal crackers/cookies (not the pink and white frosted ones) which we've always referred to as crackers.

Today I gave the girls a sandwich type cookie.
They asked, "What is this?"
I replied, "What do you think it is?"
Riley quickly answered with, "It's a yoyo cracker."

Next time you look at your sandwich cookies think about this and I think you'll agree that they do indeed appear to be yoyo crackers.

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

There's an "O" in the middle

Today Sam spelled her first word ever, dog. Per Sam: There's an O in the middle, a D in the front, and a G at the end. Thank you Word World.

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Monday, March 03, 2008

Delish dinner

This past weekend at work sucked. There was much sadness and stress with the babies, but the one thing that made it better were the delicious dinners that Bill made for me.

Friday night I had an absolutely wonderful steak, that was cooked perfectly even after being reheated in the microwave.

Saturday night I had lobster tail! Yes, lobster tail. I'm not sure what brought it on, but it was very good.

Both nights dinners were accompanied by yummy salads with baby greens, cranberries, and nuts.

Thanks for making a bad weekend a little better honey.

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