Monday, March 10, 2008

Funniest lunch ever

Today I decided to take the 3 girls (Sam, Riley, and Val) to lunch, and
boy am I glad I did. We had the funniest conversations. We actually
sat at lunch for an hour and a half. That's virtualy unheard of with
young kids, but goes to show what a good time all of us were having.
Here are some excerpts from lunch and the ensuing IM conversations:

Me: Oh man. Heart melting.
AT2: ?
Me: Val jus leaned over and said, "love you Auntie"
AT2: awww!
Me: Then she says, "love the mommies."
AT2: i love spontaneous "love yous"
Me: Me too
Me: That's the first one I've gotten from her though.
------------------------ 14:12 ------------------------
Me: Ok. What does your daughter want? I'm getting the full workover.
AT2: want for...?
AT2: cuddles!
Me: Head leaning on shoulder, cute look on face, patting of shoulder,
and many many, "I love you's", and "cuddle".
AT2: uh oh, careful, "candy" might be the next thing she says
Me: Uh oh

Just for the record, she never did ask for candy.

Me: Do you want some bread Sam?
Sam: No. No bread.
Sam loves bread, so her refusal is unheard of which caused me to respond
with, "Who are you?"
Sam: "I'm samantha. Did you forget?"

There was also an excellent demonstration on how to eat pasta by Riley.
It involved head tilting, 2 hands, and a spinning fork. You just had to
be there for that one.

There were also conversations about counting and why we don't eat bugs
accompanied by numbered reasons counted out on their fingers. I don't
know what caused them to think of that - there weren't any bugs around.

None the less, it was a great lunch.


At 10 March, 2008 16:54, Blogger heather said...

glad to hear you are up and doing a little better!


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