Friday, June 11, 2004

New update of relatively old news (now.)

Okay,this is in response to those who keep pestering me to update my blog. It will also explain why I haven't updated my blog.

I have finally had the twins. They are two beautiful baby girls (in my honest unbiased opinion.) They arrived at 38 weeks on May 6th after 33 and 37 hours of labor. Yes, you read that right, they came 4 hours apart. The story of their arrival is too long for me to actually transcribe here, but let it be said that they decided to induce me because I had come down with Bells Palsy (compression of the 7th cranial nerve causing facial paralysis on one half of the face) and I also went into pre-eclampsia. At one point I was face down across two beds as they were trying to transfer me, and I was contracting - not a pretty site.

The girls however are beautiful, weathered labor without skipping a beat, and came home at two days old. We had a small problem with jaundice, but that was quickly resolved. In the weeks that have followed we have slowly tried to adjust to their schedule which is quite challenging with two. However, I have to say I was very pleased that they both slept 7 hours last night, and it was the same 7 hours. Yee haw!!

Ok, girls crying for food, gotta run again.