Sunday, November 28, 2004

Tree hunting gone awry...

Traditionally our family goes for the annual tree hunt the Saturday after Thanksgiving and this year was no different, however there was a twist this year - I was scheduled to work all night the night before and the night after (7PM - 7 AM). So when I got home from work, we dressed the girls, waited for another family to arrive, and then headed off to the Santa Cruz mountains for our annual expedition. I was extremely tired and slept on the way there. Oh, and did I mention it was raining? It had mostly cleared up by the time we got there, so we donned hats, jackets, and gloves and headed off to find the perfect tree, at least I did. Stacey and Bill were more set on finding an okay tree that was close to the car. Thus they teased me mercilessly about my critique of the trees, this one has a bald spot, that one has a funny branch, that one is flat on the bottom, the one over there is too yellow, etc. As it turns out, in the pursuit of my perfect tree I turned a corner heading up hill, caught a hole with my foot and turned my ankle over. Fearing that it was broken again we thought we should head to the Stanford ER to have it checked out, but not before getting a tree. As it turned out we got the "flat bottomed tree". Bill tied it to the roof of the car while I nursed the babies (so we could leave them at home with Stacey rather than take them to the hospital where they could catch something.)

Interestingly enough, some of the staff remembered me from when I was in there 8 months pregnant with a broken ankle. After some giggling, and admonishments that I was instructed not to come back, we had xrays and an exam. Turns out I only badly sprained it this time, so they splinted it and sent me home with instructions to stay off it for 5 days, and then do some serious rehab to strengthen it. Yah, yah, yah.

This means that I didn't have to go to work last night, nor do I have to go tonight, however I still can't go skating with Andrea and Liz. Bah humbug!! It's so unfair.

Well, that's my weekend so far - how's yours?

Thanksgiving and other "interesting" news.

Well Thanksgiving went off pretty well, no food poisoning. The brined turkey was pretty good, and definitely had the best white meat I've ever had - it was actually juicy. I'll have to declare it a successful experiment. My hats off to Bill.

As for other Thanksgiving experiments - not so successful. The girls had their first "meat" on Thanksgiving, one of those "turkey" dinner things in a jar. They seemed to like that. So their T-day dinner consisted of turkey, sweet potatoes, and green beans. I also tried to feed them some homemade carrots - they were utterly rejected. I don't have a good food processor, so the thought might be that they were too fibrous for the girls. The second failed experiment, and don't laugh at this, was pumpkin "pie". I thought the girls should have the full Thanksgiving experience so I made them a pumpkin "pie" of their own. The crust was their rice cereal made with breast milk and then I put straight pumpkin into it, and baked it in a mini pie tin with the rest of the pies. Apparently pumpkin is too strong of a taste on it's own - the kids spit it up. Sigh. They just don't appreciate my creative endeavors at this point in their lives.

I hope all of your Thanksgivings went well, and that you had good food, good friends and/or family, and that you had a moment to reflect on all that is good in your life.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Apparently the latest rage of deep frying your turkey has given way to the new fad of brining it. According to the experts on the subject (television chefs), this will give you a nice juicy, fully seasoned, flavorful turkey. Well, we refrained from falling for the deep frying fad, and it appears to have gone the way of poodle skirts and my wrinkle free face. However, we are not to avoid the temptation this year, the magnetic pull of turkey induced drool on our guests faces has pulled us into the fad orbit of the brined turkey. Yes, we will be attempting this. Food poisoning reports to follow the Turkey day feast.

I need ignorant people coaching

Can't figure out how to edit my blog to add others, etc. onto my side bar. I know it's probably something insanely easy, but hey, it's been 9 years since I was even remotely involved in the high tech industry, I'm entitled to be uninformed. That's why I have buddies there, so knock, knock buddies, I need a clue.

And Andrea, stop singing. You know what!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Babies are the best therapy.

I love my babies. No matter what happens they always give you a happy smile and suddenly the rest of the world melts away and nothing matters but the babies. They are so innocent, happy, and real. No pretenses with them.

Today I was thinking about how far they've come, and how much I already miss some of the things they did when they were "little". Both of them are working on crawling in their own way. Riley scootches all over the place backwards and sideways, but not forwards, Sam does a little backwards scootching, but mostly she gets up on her hands and knees and does a little "bunny hop" forward. It's really rather cute.

In addition they got thier first taste of water today (other than the sneaky sips they take when in the bath.) They got to try out their sippy cups. Riley took to it, and was even holding the cup a little. Samantha on the other hand, had an indignant look on her face when I tried to get her to hold her cup, but she was quite willing to drink from the cup if I would hold it for her. Little stinker. ;)

They're both getting better at giving kisses too. It's rather cute the way they do it - can't explain as they are both so unique, but trust me, it's cute.

My whole life has changed for the better because of my 3 girls, each had/has an effect that enriches and enhances my life, and makes me try to be a better person. I love them.

Apparently I'm up past me bedtime, I'm getting sappy. Silly me.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Everything sucks...

Work sucks, leaving the girls sucks, not seeing my hubby sucks, not being able to visit with friends sucks, everything sucks.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Girls are growing fast, and other silliness

Ok, so I've become the negligent blogger since the twins have arrived. I tell myself I'm going to be better, get more regular, but then I think to myself that that just sounds like a Metamucil commercial, and it's not realistic. Ah, the need for more hours in the day.

Speaking of which, the few hours that I generally have to myself in the day were snatched away by my girls who sadly would not sleep. Part of the reason I am still up now. Trying to wind down now. Anyway, Sam and Riley were not their usual happy go lucky selves this evening. They were fussy, overtired, and not sleeping. I finally had to call in the troops - Liz and Andrea. Hoping to catch them on the way home from hockey I took a chance and IM'd. However Andrea was home, and Liz was almost there. They volunteered to come anyway, and were here in lightening time. It was such a lifesaver too, cuz S and R were having none of the sleep cure. Of course they were initially looking cute and happy when the calvary arrived, but their true colors came out in no time. Sam in particular, was having nothing to do with me, but quieted down and went right to sleep for Liz. Riley was down, but bounce back up in about 45 min, soothed back to sleep and is hopefully down for the night.

Other than that, the rest of the day was great. We went and had six month photos done - actually got one of Sam's teeth, well Sam smiling, so her teeth show, not just her teeth.

Thinking about quitting work, or at least going to a per diem status (means I would only be required to work 1 day a week, but no bennies, and slow loss of seniority status.) All worth it for the girls though.

Hubby has interviewed for 2 jobs in SF, so keep your fingers, toes, and anything else crossed that one of them pays off. This would end his exiles to Sac every week (and mine too for that matter.)

I actually did some catch up reading on the blogs today. My buddy Liz made me cry. I emailed her to tell her she's not supposed to do that. ;) I wish I had a magic wand to smack all the stupid people upside the head with.

Ok, I'm getting carried away, it's 2 in the morning, so I better get to bed. Me and my flannel jammies.