Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Extended Weekend Update ala Andrea

Friday was my birthday, but we didn't have anything super special planned. I slept in, got up, had a yummy breakfast of German Pancakes, then headed to the movies with Bill and the girls. It was opening day for Horton Hears a Who, so we just had to see it. It was a cute movie with quite of bit of humor for the adults, but totally appropriate for children as designated by it's G rating.

After the movie, we came home, regrouped, grabbed Stacey, and headed to dinner with a large majority of my family. We ate at House of Gengi on 1st Street. It was good, but not as tasty as the Royal Teppan Steakhouse in Cupertino where we celebrated with Liz and Andrea earlier in the week.

After that, it was home and to bed for the old folks (me) and the little ones (Sam and Riley).

Saturday I slept in again, then went to our church for the annual St. Patrick's Day dinner. The food is not great, the entertainment (Irish clog dancing) is ok, but the overall event turns out to be great. Our whole family goes every year, and watching the girls eyes light up while watching the dancing, and seeing them clap along is the best.

Sunday was a serious Spring cleaning day at our house. I got a majority of our bedroom cleaned out, took down the last crib, did more laundry (never ending), cleaned up the kitchen, touched up the bathrooms, etc. Then it was off for a small gathering of hockey buddies up in Woodside. There was a firepit where we made S'mores, and the company was great.

Monday the girls had their first ballet recital. I'm a little partial, but I think they were very cute. There was a total switch in roles however. Usually Riley is very focused, following everything the teacher says, and doing it to the best of her ability. Sam is not quite as focused. She'll dance for a bit, then wander off, watch from the sides, flit around the room, etc. The day of the recital however, Sam was super focused and in performance mode. She smiled at the audience, and danced her little heart out. She was quite the little entertainer. Riley unfortunately got a terrible case of stage fright, and spent most of the performance standing off to the side of the stage. She finally ended up dancing a little with the teacher. Overall I think they did great for their first time.

Tuesday (today) is another story. One that involves 3 carseats, and will be told later.

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At 01 April, 2008 14:26, Blogger Seajade said...

Hey! You forgot to mention that your dear sister came over in the morning to bring you a present and wish you happy birthday in person!
- also, I may be partial, too but the girls were soooooooo cute in the recital.


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