Sunday, September 17, 2006

Church and the two year old

Church is often something people avoid because they feel it's boring, don't believe in the organization, are simply too busy to think about it, or they have small children that act like monkeys. The last describes the typical two year old when attending church. Try taking two two year olds and you have quite an event on your hands. That was my fate this morning as I headed off with Riley and Samantha in tow.

All in all the service went well, but it was baptism Sunday so it was a little longer than the usual. The girls mostly sat or stood next to me, though they were in constant transition between the two states. However, they were mostly quiet, and I didn't see any angry looks around us, mostly quiet smiles while stealing peeks at the kids.

Then came communion. Riley held Sam's hand, and Sam held mine, and all was well. We approached the priest who mesmerized Riley, and briefly held Sam's attention as well. We headed back to our seats where I knelt to pray. The next thing I know, I'm looking down at what looks like Riley's dress on the floor, and wondering what it is. Sure enough, it's Riley's dress. I quickly grab it, and try to put it back on the now naked child who begins screaming. Yes screaming in church. I pop the dress over her head, grab them, their water bottles, and books, and try to head out of church as "quietly" as possible. Riley will have none of it. She does her best Berkeley protest move and falls like limp spaghetti to the ground. I try to lift her with no luck. Finally I get her in such a position that I can get an arm around her waist and carry her out of church. Thank goodness Sam walked along.

As I am heading out of church, with Riley screaming the whole way, I hear the priest say, "It sounds like that little one is ready to party already" referring to the church social that afternoon. I don't think my cheeks could have been any more red than that.

To top off the whole event, an older gentleman came out behind us and said, "Thanks, that reminded me of when my kids were little" and another woman offered to carry our things so I could better manage Riley, and someone else offered to give them a free pair of shoes.

Hopefully next Sunday is better.


At 17 September, 2006 17:13, Blogger heather said...

you are a brave woman to consider going back next week already! maybe you should bring a spare dress, or put two on riley ahead of time.

At 18 September, 2006 14:41, Blogger snarfdog said...

Oh no, it's pants next week, and a shirt with some sort of locking device on the back.


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