Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Looooooooonnnnnnggggg Week

Ok, so I've been gone from Blogger for about a week, but I have managed to upload some pics so you all (yes, you 5) would have some idea of where I had gone. Just to be official here's the run down:

Wednesday: Went to Las Palmas park to enjoy the fabulous water feature that was being turned on by another group, and to distribute circus tickets to some of the twins club that had purchased them. Had quite a bit of fun, played for 2 hours, gave out all the tickets I had, and headed off for lunch and a nap.

Thursday: Went to Bonfante Gardens with my twins group. The girls had a great time, enjoyed all the rides including the Panoramic Wheel which is similar to a ferris wheel, but with bucket style seating. The only really sucky part of the day was when the guy wouldn't let them ride the monorail because they were about 1 cm too short. Ridiculous! It's the monorail, not Space Mountain. Another minor sucky part is that they have several rides where the short ones have to ride with a chaperone but they're only two seaters, so we couldn't ride them since we had noone to go with the other one.

Friday: Costco run - spent way too much money. OSH run - got a new garbage disposal. Woo hoo! Oh, and apparently they are now call food waste systems. Give me a break. Also delivered the rest of the circus tickets.

Saturday: Circus Day!!! The girls loved the circus. Sam kept calling for the elapans to come back, she clapped non-stop for the motorcyclists, and Riley cried when it was time to go (all the way from our seats, outside, across the street, into the car, and halfway home before she passed out from exhaustion.) I otoh was a little disappointed. This was Ringling Brothers, I expected traditional circus with lions, tigers, elephants, etc. Apparently the Bros have changed. I got all excited when they said the cats were coming out until they did and they were cats. Yep, plain ol' ordinary, run of the mill housecats. Ok, so maybe not run of the mill since they were well trained, and they probably costs a couple of grand each, but stilll, cats? I wanted lions and tigers. They also had trained dogs and birds. The only normal animal was the elephant which the girls adored. Also, no trapeze, no high wire act, and no real acrobatics (there were some, and they were impressive, but not like the circus of old.) Despite all that, we had a great time and would probably do it again.

After the girls were in bed I headed down to Lotech to see Liz play n the championship game for the 3 on 3 tourney she was in, but I was denied. They had already acquired the first place title. Oh well, maybe next time I'll get to see them play. Congrats on the big win though. I know it was a long, tiring day.

Sunday: Marine World with out twins playgroup. A fun and relaxing day. Sam and Riley finally got to ride their elephant. For them it probably wasn't too bad. For us bigger folk it was rather uncomfortable. elephants are rather pointy, not wide and flat like you would expect. We got to ride Tava who was one of two elephants who came from the original Marine World when it was here in Redwood City.

We had perfect timing in our travels about the park as we hit the bird aviary just about the time the feeding started, so the girls got to go in with their little cups of nectar and feed the birds that just flew right over and landed on them. We also hit the giraffe feeding time. Riley was having a grand time feeding carrots to the giraffes. Sam was a little more hesitant though it's to be understood since she received a small nip when she was feeding the birds. Giraffe tongues are bizarre. They're almost prehensil the way they reach out and curl completely around the food. They even stretch them way out like fingers to get at the food. Freaky.

Today (Monday): We went to a new park with our twins playgroup, and thinking we needed a little bit of a lowkey day after all the excitement of the past few days we decide to come home, eat and take a nap. Afterwards we went for a little walk, made dinner, put the girls to bed and did a little late night shopping at Target with Liz and Andrea. Yep, we shut it down again.

Ok, now that you're all caught up I'm off the hook for a while. ;)


At 29 August, 2006 01:46, Blogger Liz said...

Great rundown. See you in a week.

At 29 August, 2006 08:42, Blogger heather said...

pix have been great! sounds like a great week. oh and, that's so weak about the "cats". sheesh. i can make my cats do acrobatics right here at home.


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