Thursday, February 23, 2006

Quilting, deathly boring to some, hilarious to me

Well, I finally finished the jeans quilt I was working on. It was suppose to be a quick and easy project, it was neither. Overall, I believe it took me about 24 to 30 hours to complete, but complete it I did. I finally got all the rows sewed together (the thick parts where the pockets are, were a bitch to sew), and then it was down to the clipping. That probably took about a third of the time required to make this quilt. You have to clip every 3/8" on every seam. Just so you know, that's about 2262 inches to be clipped, or more accurately 6032 clips, many through 3 or 4 layers of jeans material plus 2 to 3 layers of fabric. Can you say major hand crampage and pain? In any case, after you clip it, you have to put it through the washer and dryer to get a nice fluffy/fuzzy seam (see pic). I had been forewarned that I should do this at a laundromat, but did I listen? Nooooooo. The attached pictures are of the inside of my washer, the utility sink it drains into, and what was caught in the lint trap of the dryer. The tall 2" pile was all from the first round, the second smaller lint gathering was from the second run, and the smallest pile is what was collected from inside the dryer drum. This does not include all the lint that was set free outside when I took the quilt out to shake out even more debris. I would have never guessed that one jeans quilt could produce so much lint.

So, if I ever do this again (and the tendonitis in my wrist is saying no), then I will definitely haul my little butt down to the pay-to-break-someone-elses-machine place to do the laundering/fuzz step of the project.

Other than that, I also painted this week. Here's an updated photo since I haven't posted any beyond the primer stage. The red is actually much deeper than it appears in the photo. Those are the shelves on the floor. That's my orange tree outside the window.

Hopefully we'll be getting the shelves on the walls this weekend. Then I just have to paint the closet and the doors, paint and install crown molding and base molding, install blinds, rip up the carpet, and move in. Whew!! That's a lot to do, and not much time to do it. I have to have it done by March 20th. Anyone out there that wants to come play? I'll feed you. You'll have my eternal thanks. It's fun? Come on, it worked for Tom and Huck.


At 24 February, 2006 10:33, Blogger seajade said...

Cool! The quilt looks pretty good when all fluffed. Why do you have to finish the room by March 20? Just a random date you set? Or something truly more meaningful? I will try to get over to help but don't know if I can. Unfortunately, my schedule between now and the 20th is bearishly hectic and packed with my favorite things - Dr. appts. :)

Once again, great job on the quilt. I will have to see it in person.

At 24 February, 2006 13:12, Blogger Andrea said...

i'll be over to get those shelves up...just lemme know when the painting's done.


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