Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Early Alzheimers is setting in.

This morning I made the girls breakfast (one of their favorites, oatmeal), put them in their seats and let them have at it. Afterwards, I cleaned them up and removed their trays to let them go play. They are use to climbing up and down to get in and out of their high chairs so I thought no more about it. After a bit, I noticed Sam was still sitting in her high chair and Riley was bringing her toys to play with. I thought to myself, "What brought on the princess treatment?", so I checked it out. Seems I had forgotten to take off Sam's seatbelt. She hadn't complained at all, and Riley was apparently quite happy to entertain her.


At 21 February, 2006 11:44, Blogger Tinjaw said...

Substitute computer desk for high chair and beer for toys, and I can see that being me. :)

At 21 February, 2006 20:27, Blogger seajade said...

Just wait until you forgot if you fed them or not and then start feeding them again!

At 24 February, 2006 09:05, Anonymous imhelendt said...

Poor Sammy. Come here baby. Mommy gave you a time out? It's just that she's getting very old. You should make sure she's got her cane and walker with her. I can help you make post it notes that you can put on that say "Feed Me" or "Not Fed Yet" "Change Me" or "Not changed yet" "I smell, Bathe me!" "It was Riley, not me."


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