Friday, February 17, 2006

A Quilt and the Magic Pan

Today I made great progress on a quilt that started as a small experiment. It's a jeans quilt that is being made nearly cost free. The jeans I have received from friends, family, and free cycle, so no cost there, and the fabric was from an exchange of squares I did about 10 years ago, all from scrap so again no cost. It's a two sided quilt, and I currently have all the squares sewed into rows, but the rows still need to be connected to each other. There are many difficult parts to putting this quilt together. For instance, I totally randomized the top, just pulled fabric out of a bag and sewed. This means you have to tweak it a little bit to make sure the same pattern or color are not next to each other. Sounds easier than it is. The second thing is that you can't see the other side. Some of my jeans squares still have the pockets on them (Damn you Rich), and for some reason they were all ending up on the top half of the quilt. In rearranging them, and trying to avoid the previous mentioned color/pattern confusion, I somehow managed to get most of them on the bottom half of the quilt. Oh well. So, here's the progress so far.

On another note, when my oldest daughter was a toddler there was a restaurant in San Jose called The Magic Pan. My sister-in-law Debbie and I would go there for lunch (The Spinach Divan Crepe was too die for)with Stacey, but they didn't have any highchairs, so we would tie her into a regular chair with cloth napkins (no paper napkins at this restaurant). I was reminded of this because when Bill and I took the girls to dinner this week, the seatbelts on the highchairs only had velcro closures. It took Sam all of 2 seconds to figure out how to escape, so what did I do? You got it, used cloth napkins to tie her into the chair. Brought back some great funny memories.


At 17 February, 2006 04:56, Blogger Rich said...

Hey! Hey! Hey! Whats this? I know you must be talking about another Rich, 'cuz I can in no way possible be to blame for this. And anyhow, it looks great! Oh excuse me. IT LOOKS FANTASTIC!! In fact it looks way beyond fantastic! Whats the gripe? Pockets? on top? Huh? My granny used to make quilts just like this and I loved them. In fact I still have mine from when I was 5 years old. (It has been repaired many times) As for the pockets, I loved them too. They are great for holding snacks while watching TV. YOur quilt looks better than fantastic and I demand that you take back the (Damn you Rich) or at least gimme a reason for the damning of Rich.

At 17 February, 2006 08:44, Blogger snarfdog said...

The pockets are really difficult to put on. The fabric is very thick there, and it just makes it tough, but I put them in the quilt because you told me the story before and it was so sweet I just had to include the pockets. I remember you saying when you dragged it around the house the sunflower seeds you had stashed would fall out and leave a trail. I thought if you had such good memories (and still had the quilt) that maybe my girls would like it too. So the "Damn Rich" is really a backwards kind of thank you Rich.


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