Wednesday, December 21, 2005

17th on Viv's blog roll - now that's despicable.

Ok, for my 4 loyal fans out there (and you know who you are) and because I have fallen so low on Viv's blogroll, I guess I'll have to blog, and fess up to what I've been doing the last 6 days.

Friday/Saturday I worked. Nothing new and exciting there. In addition, on Saturday I put one more coat of paint on my soon to be new sewing room/office. One more coat and I'll be done with the painting except for the trim.

Sunday, slept, played hockey - yahoo!, had dinner at Wendy's with the crew, watched the end of the maroon game, had dessert at IHoP (IHoC for Andrea and Jenny), headed home and made about 20 lbs of cookie dough. Why you ask? Continue reading to see what happens Monday.

Monday, baked, baked, baked, shopped, baked, decorated cookies, ate pizza, nursed babies, went to bed. Oh, all the baking? That was in preparation for the cookie party that we hosted here Monday night. It was great to see so many people and I had fun. I hope everyone else did too. I've flickr'd a few photos from the event. We hope to reinstitute this as an annual event in our household.

Tuesday, the MIL, niece, and nephew that showed up for the cookie decoratiing were still here, so we all went up to the city to have lunch with Bill. It was a very nice lunch. After lunch we traipsed across the street to the Embarcadero Center, past the infamous Kristi Yamaguchi ice rink, and over to Bill's office which I got to see for the first time. Noone was really there due to the holidays and meetings, but it was still nice to know where he worked. Headed home, had a yummy fondue dinner, got to meet Ms. Rainie Roo, nursed babies, downloaded photos, went to bed.

Wednesday (today), guests still here. Made breakfast, went shopping, had lunch, home, they left, and I headed down to San Jose for a last minute gift pick up. Auntie Cathy came over to bring the girls their Christmas presents which the girls loved. Babies to bed, and now FINALLY, I'm blogging.

Ta da!! You are all caught up on the exciting (NOT) life of me.


At 22 December, 2005 12:55, Blogger Jennie said...

Yay! New post!

I had to LOL at the "...were still here..." part. Like you kept waiting for them to leave, but they wouldn't, so you took them to the City. (Good job not abandoning them there!)

Great cookie party. We had a wonderful time. Tx for inviting us.


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