Monday, November 28, 2005

Home is my own again, or is it?

Well, the holiday was pretty good. We had 15 people for Thanksgiving dinner, and everything was wonderful. In my previous life (before twins) I use to do the whole dinner other than when people (read Deb) insisted on bringing something. ;) Last year we did a potluck style and it went so well we did it again this year, and it was even better. Luckily we have some pretty handy cooks in the family. The girls had a great time playing with thier cousins who are both turning into very nice young men.

Friday was spent just visiting with Bill's Mom, and cleaning up the rest of the T-day dishes. Leftover turkey of course.

Saturday and Sunday I got to catch up on some quilting and do a little fabric shopping with my SIL, Deb. I also got to have lunch with the youngest of my two bros who I don't get to talk with much. All was good.

Sunday night spent some time cleaning out the room that is soon to be my sewing room, got ready for some spackling and painting tomorrow if there's time. Why wouldn't there be time you ask? Cuz we are getting up bright and early to go tree hunting!! Yay! One of my most favorite activities of the year. Of course pics will be posted. Until then, sweet dreams.


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