Thursday, December 08, 2005

What have I been doing? and Please vote.

Ok, it's Thursday already and I haven't blogged all week. What exactly have I been up to? First I've been trying to finish up a quilt top in time for my quilt group meeting tonight. I'm stuck on the final border however, so look at the two pics and tell if you like the one better with the orange/red stars, or the more purplish square pattern border.

The second project I've been up to is painting what will be my sewing room/office. I've been very fortunate to have some great help with this from my sister-in-law, Debbie and my sister, Cathy. Thanks guys! And of course I had my two mini helpers which always add a lot of fun to any project.

Oh, and I had a nice holiday dinner that I got to dress up for on Tuesday night. (Sorry, no pics of that.)

Ok, back to work for me, and on to voting for you.


At 08 December, 2005 13:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the top one

At 08 December, 2005 13:04, Blogger amy said...

The stars get my vote.

At 08 December, 2005 14:25, Blogger seajade said...

Hard to tell. From the photo would lean toward the stars but in real life, know the purple was not so purple and brought out a lot of the greens. Hard to decide. Can't go wrong with either and, yes, I know this ia horrible answer. :)

At 09 December, 2005 10:53, Blogger Jennie said...

Good to know you're not busy or anything.


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