Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Yesterday was Halloween, All Hallows Eve as some might call it. For me it was the first Halloween for my girls. True, they were alive last Halloween, but no cognition in relationship to the holidays, trick-or-treating, or dressing up. I wasn't sure they would get it this year, but get it they did.

We had a kind of quiet day, they napped late, and their big sister got there in time to start carving her pumpkin with me. She had work the night before so couldn't do it with her sisters. Then she took a quick trip to the downtown train station to pick up Bill who managed to catch the express. Then back home, finished carving, everyone into their costumes, pics on the porch with our pumpkins, and then it was off to Trick-or-treat. Liz and April showed up just in time to join the fun, and April brought chocolate chip cookies for the grown up trick-or-treaters.

The first house the girls just stood there not sure what to do until they were encouraged to help themselves to the candy (which at that point just looked like pretty, shiny toys to them.) As we were having them say/sign thank you so we could go on to the next house, Sam walked right in the front door, following the bowl of candy. After retrieving her we headed to house number 2 (which really should have been house number 1, but it didn't have as good of a photo op for their first trick-or-treat). Here Sam was more reticent, but Riley knew exactly what to do and helped herself with no problem. By the time we got to house number 4, I looked down and both girls had picked a candy bar out of their bags and chewed through the wrappers to get to the yummy treat inside. I couldn't help but laugh at their innocent faces covered in chocolate. It went on like this from house to house, each experience more comical than the last.

Andrea caught up with us as we were almost home. This rounded out our happy little group, and reminded me of my childhood when we went trick-or-treating in large groups.

We arrived back home and then headed to my bro's house to see the grandparents (they were babysitting.) Dad opened the door and was admiring the cute costumes, was about to say he had two granddaughters in the same costumes when he suddenly realized these were one and the same.

Here Riley got a mini Nutrageous bar which she held onto and wasn't letting go of. She held it all the way home in the car (20 minutes), while getting her diaper changed, while nursing, and finally put it down when it was time to go to bed. I believe she thought she was hiding it because when I picked it up she got really mad, so I gave it back to her. She sat with me for a few minutes clutching that candy bar which by now was a molten bag of goo being squished in her fingers. I was just praying that the wrapper would not break open. After a bit she got down, and hid the candy bar again. Apparently she did a much better job this time because I still can't find it, but you can bet I'm watching her like a hawk to see if she goes after it.

So, that was our Halloween. Good fun all around and great company to share it with.


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