Monday, October 31, 2005

Pumpkin Season

Yesterday we took the girls to their first Halloween party. It was put on by our twins group and held at an indoor kids play place. The girls had fun at first, but as more and more people showed up it got a little overwhelming for them and we hit melt down before they got to trick or treat. Oh well, they wouldn't have remembered it anyway.

Before the meltdown occurred though, Samantha managed to latch on to a baby doll they had there. She carried it all around. When she found another one, she took it to Riley who held it a moment and then put it down. She was too busy putting things away as she saw fit. Everything was going back into containers, and in the proper way. She was even taken the legos apart (biting them to seperate them when she couldn't pull them apart), and then puttin them in the big Lego bucket. Oh I can't wait till they are big enough for Legoland.

Later in the day we went to dinner with my parents and then came home and carved pumpkins for which my parents provided dessert, yummy pumpkin pie and boston cream pie. We called my sister, who now has her own blog Dream. She came over and brought some really cute cookies she made. They were in the shape of cat heads and looked very professionally done. I will try to post some pics of them when I post the girls pumpkin pictures.

Just waiting for Trick-or-treating now. Yahoo!


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