Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Spanish Algae

This past weekend Bill noticed that a couple of our fish weren't doing so well, so he decided to go to the pet store and get some medicine. Since I was at the Vacaville tournament he took the girls with him. Once home it was time to medicate the tank. This was very interesting to Sam who had the following conversation with Bill:

Sam: What are those dots (pointing to the algae on the fishtank glass)
Bill: That's algae.
Sam: Algae? What's that? I've never seen algae before.
Bill: It's like a plant, kind of like moss, and it blooms.
Sam: Daddy, I don't speak spanish.

I hate to tell her this, but her Daddy doesn't speak Spanish either.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

My weekend hockey report

I played my first hockey tournament this weekend. The report is as follows:

Game 1 vs. Blacklist, we won 4-2, I was -2
Game 2 vs. The Northstars, we lost 0-2, I had neither a + or - for that game.
Game 3 vs. The Seals, we lost 0-9, I was -5 for the game
Game 4 vs. The Bucktooth Dolphins, we tied 3-3, our line was briefly +1, then they scored on us.

Of note, The Northstars and Seals both have unprofessional coaches. The Northstars coach kept yelling at his players to crush us, next time take them out harder, etc. The Seals coach made similar comments and to top it off was yelling at their team to kill us when they got a power play AND WERE ALREADY COMMANDING A 7 POINT SHUTOUT LEAD.

This was suppose to be a recreational tourney.

Despite all this we actually had a really good time. It was nice to start the tourney playing our Blacklist friends and to end it playing our buddies, the Bucktooth Dolphins.

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