Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Riley's first "haircut"

Last night Bill went to get his haircut, and the girls and I went with him. They've seen him get his hair cut almost every 5 weeks since they were born, so I was a little surprised by their reaction when the stylist started teasing them about cutting their hair.

"I cut your hair?"
"You want haircut too?"

Sam had a mini panic attack and started running and hollaring, "Noooooo. No haircut."

We were so wrapped up trying to calm Sam that we didn't notice Riley quietly walk over to the chair and try to climb up. When I did see, I told her, "No, we're not going to cut your hair today." She became almost as hysterical as Sam, but in the opposite direction. She really wanted a haircut. She totally got the flatfaced cry and everything, and not in a manipulative way either. She was truly devastated that she wasn't going to get her hair cut, so we asked the stylist if she could give Riley a "haircut", and she obliged. I discovered that I am totally not ready for her to get her hair cut. Even though we knew it was pretend, my heart started beating faster and I had a mini panic attack when I saw those scissors near my baby's head. Some year we'll cut her hair, but not now.

Riley however, was thrilled with her new "haircut."

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At 31 May, 2007 07:40, Blogger heather said...

you just reminded me, my dad cried when i got my first professional haircut, i think when i was 5 or 6. made us bring home bits of hair so he could keep them.

nice work with the pseudo haircut.

At 31 May, 2007 09:49, Blogger snarfdog said...

Thanks. I can totally relate.


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