Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hockey shoulder news.

Tonight I played my first hockey game in over a year, and it wasn't too bad. Let me break it down for you.

Good news:
We won 5 -3
My shoulder didn't bother me at all
I didn't wipe out
I had a couple of decent passes
I was on the ice again after a way too long absence (It does make the heart grow fonder)

Bad news:
I was on the ice for 2 of their 3 goals including when Andrea scored on me
Bad foot cramp in 2nd period
I felt like I was just off in general
Fear was driving my playing. I really didn't want to fall and reinjure my shoulder.

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At 20 May, 2007 03:14, Blogger andrea said...

you won 6-3 and i didn't score on you, i scored on your goalie. sure it went off of your stick but she let it into the net. =D

i think you did AWESOME for your first game back, auntie PJ pants.

At 20 May, 2007 09:12, Blogger Carolyn said...

YAY!!! GO Susan! That rocks. :) :) I'm so happy for you!

At 20 May, 2007 10:33, Blogger heather said...

that sounds pretty damn awesome for your first game back. nice work, snowflake!


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