Friday, May 18, 2007

My work here is done

When the girls were younger we would tell them things were inappropriate
or unacceptable instead of using the word no. This was to hopefully
avoid the no's of the terrible two era. Also, they would have to learn
a multisyllabic word to express "no." For the most part it worked.
They do know what no means, and they have said it, but not to the extent
of other toddlers/preschoolers.

Why do I tell you, my internet friends, this? Because today all my hard
work paid off. Riley said, "That's inappropriate," foloowed by an echo
of "my work here is done."

I am so proud.


At 18 May, 2007 22:45, Blogger heather said...

nice work, snowflake!

At 19 May, 2007 10:23, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wheeeeeeeeeyou go snarfdog!!!! I was there from the beginning and I knew that this was a great thing for the girls..... Im so glad to hear that this has paid off for you and I will begin to use this techniqe immediatly with my boy. Danke Danke Danke!!!!


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