Monday, April 16, 2007

Even toddlers need to redefine themselves occassionally

This morning Sam, who we often call Bing Bong, declared that little Bing Bong was all gone. This made me more sad than you can imagine. It then got interesting because she declared that she was now big Bing Bong, and that little Bing Bong was in her bedroom crying. She quickly went to take care of little Bing Bong, and gave her hugs and kisses to feel better. Soon there were 3 little Bing Bongs in her room crying, but never fear she made them all feel better in the end and took them on a picnic with a lunch she packed for them.

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At 16 April, 2007 11:08, Blogger Viv said...

Hah! Sooo cute. Go big Bing Bong!


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