Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Great Easter Weekend

This past weekend was busy, but tons of fun. We started off with photos with the Easter Bunny and actually got a fairly decent family shot. As usual, the people there were great, and even allowed us to us our own camera for photos (because we were buying some as well.)

Later that night I got to see Val take her first multiple steps in a row. When it happened again at the ice rink everyone cheered and she got a bit spooked, but I'm happy to say she's still trying. Nothing's gonna stop her.

Saturday we colored Easter eggs, and it was the best year yet. The girls really got into it, coloring their eggs with the wax crayon before putting them in the dye. Also, it was Val's first egg coloring experience and she seemed to enjoy it as much as the girls. All 3 had temporarily dyed hands. Aunt Cathy was there to help too, so I actually got to color some eggs myself.

The only sad point of the weekend was when some lame-o backed into Moblucar. It was a low speed thing though, and noone was hurt including Ms. Val who slept through it all in her car seat.

Sunday was an all day Easter extravaganza for the girls. They ended up celebrating all day with multiple egg hunts, multiple Easter baskets, family, friends, and of course some good food. Bill celebrated with all the foods he loves, Golden Rod eggs, ham, green beans, potatoes, and a lot of bacon sprinkled here and there.

It was a fairly relaxed day/weekend. I hope all of our Easters in the future are like this.

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