Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Smokey Joe's Cafe

Last night I went to see Smokey Joe's Cafe at the Center for Performing Arts. I was really expecting a better show as it had received great reviews elsewhere, but I was sorely disappointed. Mostly the shows I see at the Center are pretty good, but there have been some real bummers. Even with those I have stuck it out through the whole show. Last night I actually left at intermission. So not my style.

The singing was totally cabaret as Simon Cowell would say. They wouldn't have even made it past the auditions on American Idol. The dancing was just as bad. I think I could have seen better at my local high school play or theme park. There wasn't one stand out in the cast. To top it off, 2 of the women did a fan dance, and didn't even take off one stitch of clothing. What's up with that? If you're gonna bust out the fans, then ya better be planning to use them for their intended purpose.

The most entertaining part of the night was at intermission where it appeared that some guy had brought his personal prostitute to the show. She was wearing a strapless dress that was probably 20" long from the top to the hem. It had feathers all around the bottom, and was accompanied by a leopard print stole with what appeared to be rabbit fur trim. As for accessories, her heels were about 6 inches high with a wide, spiked ankle strap and she was wearing a dog collar. Quite the sight.

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At 11 April, 2007 22:29, Blogger heather said...

dude, why didn't you get a picture of the ho? need i remind you there is a sidekick in your posession??

At 12 April, 2007 08:38, Blogger snarfdog said...

Oh believe me I tried. There were just too many people walking back and forth in front of her because she was standing in the doorway. Sadly, it would have been way too obvious, even with the covertness of the SK. I too, am totally bummed by this.


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