Friday, March 30, 2007

This has been a long week...

We started it off by saying goodbye to an old friend. Don't worry, noone died, it just feels like it a little bit. It was a caterpillar swing designed with twins in mind that the girls spent a lot of happy hours in. However, they are too big for it and I'm really trying to stop holding onto items just for the sentimental value, so I sold it to another family in my twins club.

Then Bill's Mom came down and stayed with us for a few days. The girls loved it, and kept her entertained the whole time. They showed her how to play with playdough, they read to her, and they chased her around the house.

Today (Friday) was probably the biggest day of all though. We got up, had breakfast, said goodbye to Bill's Mom, and hello to Grandma and Grandpa who were all set to take the girls to the library with me. We headed off to the library, the girls put their old books in the return slot, and went in to toddler story time. Afterwards they each got to pick 3 books to bring home. Riley found a book about mice, but Sam only wanted an elephant book.

After that, I headed to PT and they headed to the park. After PT I met up with them at the park, we headed home, and the girls had an enormous lunch. All that activity apparently worked up an appetite.

Soon it was naps, and then time for Daddy to come home. We went to get him on the train, went out for sushi, and then the girls very politely and sweetly requested ice cream so off we went. They loved it, though initially Sam said she wanted to be grumpy while eating her ice cream.

Then home to wash up, potty, and off to bed at which time I discovered that I had somehow killed my Sidekick. I guess it's goodbye to 2 old friends this week.

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At 03 April, 2007 10:35, Blogger Seajade said...

Wow! Sam did good with the grumpy face while eating ice cream. Where did that come from anyway? Thanks for coming out of the blogging funk.


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