Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My little firefighters

Today my girls decided to be firefighters. They have put much thought and preparation into their play. They located the fire (it was near their play kitchen, but not in it), found tools to put out the fire (a rolling pin, wooden pizza box, and some dishes), and donned their protective gear (a coat with a hood) before going to work. After about 2 minutes they had the fire put out, but amazingly it kept springing back up. Finally, after about 45 miniutes, they had the fire out for good. They charged through the house cheering their victory.

Throughout their play I discovered the rolling pin was a fire hose, the dishes held water for extinguishing the flames, and the coats with hoods were of course a firefighter coat and hat. I never did figure out what the pizza box was for although it appeared to be some sort of transport mechanism.

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