Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Carwashers for hire

So, I get home from physical therapy this week to find all 3 girls out
front washing the cars while my parents supervise.

Sam had a great time with the hose soaking everyone in sight including
Stacey who was trying to get it so she could rinse the car. She thought
it was great fun until she inadvertantly sprayed herself.

Riley OTOH, liked filling the bucket, watching the water dance, and
spraying the cars. The most excitement she had was hosing down Stacey's
car which was already clean. She also liked wiping the car down with the
rag, for about 2 swipes.

They both stomped around in the water a bit, played in the bucket of
suds, and when they were freezing cold came in to be hosed down with
warm water, dried, and dressed.


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