Thursday, July 13, 2006

What I did on my summer vacation, installment II of ??

Today we finally went and had the girls 2 year old pictures done. Due to many things we hadn't had a chance to do it. Why is this noteworthy you ask? Because I resorted to something that I do not condone, nor did I think I would stoop to doing. What's that you ask? Bribery. When the girls started crying and refused to sit for their pictures, I actually went and got a HUGE thing of animal crackers from the shelf and promised them snacks if they would sit for their pictures. (Stop laughing Liz). That at least got them to sit and we got a couple of nice photos. Not perfect, but that's never going to happen for us anyway and besides, I like the personality that shines through in the non-perfect photos. (I said stop laughing Liz.)

I mentioned the incident to my quilt group tonight, and they tried to convince me that this is just positive reinforcement. Ha!


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