Sunday, July 02, 2006

Late Entry

Thursday we went to the park with our playgroup. The girls had a great time once we got there, and tried out every piece of equipment possible. Most of them were old hat for the girls including the very tall slide, but this park had one of those "bouncey bridges" too. They had never seen one of these. Sam at first stood on the edge of it looking very worried and took a few hesitant steps while holding my hand, then a few more on her own. She finally made it across and headed down the big slide. Then it was up to the bridge for round two. This trip went a little smoother, but she still held on pretty tight and watched her feet the whole way. By the third trip she was an old pro, looking up at where she was going and even running a little bit. Riley took a different route and used the very big ladder on the other side of the stairs. Unfortunately I missed that.


At 03 July, 2006 10:56, Blogger heather said...

all the pix (and story posts) are great, tho, keep it up!

At 03 July, 2006 11:14, Blogger snarfdog said...

Thanks. You might regret that though after tonights outing.


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