Thursday, April 06, 2006

Late night blog Haiku

I would like to blog,
but have no time in spite of
requests from Andrea.


At 06 April, 2006 10:13, Blogger heather said...


At 06 April, 2006 11:09, Blogger Andrea said...

to keep us from things you do
with babies and life

the girls are your life
luckily they are our lives too
love, "baby" and "moe" =D

At 06 April, 2006 12:07, Blogger Liz said...

aunties need to know
what goes on over there when
we're not there to see

work or see babies
never a hard choice because
we love them so much

At 06 April, 2006 14:03, Blogger snarfdog said...

Wow! Had I known a little late night Haiku (and a bad one at that) would inspire so much creativity, I would have done it a long time ago. Great job ladies.

At 07 April, 2006 11:40, Blogger Liz said...

Thanks, I'm here all week.

At 07 April, 2006 16:53, Blogger Andrea said...

the power of two aunties
to hear of our girls

we want to know all
shenanigans or even
poop in the potty

duh, you should know now
inform us or face mocking
and gnashing of teeth


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