Thursday, March 30, 2006

The amazing bra trick, diaper style

This morning, as usual lately, I was getting ready to go and I turn around and there's a naked baby. Ok 5 more minutes to dress this baby again. As I finish dressing this one (Sam this time), Riley hands me a diaper and says, "Dirty." Sure enough, it is a very dirty diaper. Ugh, more changing, but wait, Riley is fully clothed. After a quick pat down I determine that yes indeed she is missing her diaper. How she got it off without taking off her clothes is a mystery, but I assume it is the same way many of us get our bras off without removing our shirts.

So, after stripping her, and pretty much giving her a diaper wipe bath from the waist down, we got new clothes (the old ones had poo all over the insides), dressed her, and were only 20 minutes late for our play date.

One of these days we'll get out of the house with no snafu's, I swear.


At 30 March, 2006 16:39, Blogger cheddah said...


that is too funny...the bra trick, diaper style.

sounds like Mike Rowe needs to pay your house a visit for his next episode of "dirty jobs". :-)z

At 30 March, 2006 17:34, Blogger seajade said...


At 04 April, 2006 12:33, Blogger Andrea said...

*ahem* hi, you are overdue for a blog entry. *tapping foot*

At 05 April, 2006 14:21, Blogger Andrea said...




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