Thursday, January 12, 2006

A bloggin' we will go, a bloggin' we will go, heigh ho the merry o, a bloggin' we will go

Ok, sorry about the lack of bloggage, and this post isn't really going to make up for it. I've been really busy lately (with what I don't know) and I spent one day just layin' around cuz I wasn't feeling well (Auntie Cathy came over and watched the girls, and picked up toys while I caught a few z's. Thanks Cathy.) Besides, I do things with my life (that's just for Andrea, Liz, Viv, & Cheddah who will totally get it.)

Played hockey twice this week, one game and one practice. Constantly feel like I'm a step behind everyone, and about a quarter step out of sync with myself. Falling down consistently during games - don't know what is wrong. Dr. Liz claims I need to play more and she's probably right. However, and this is a big however, I have fun EVERY TIME I PLAY. Can't beat that.

Had a little insomnia going on this week, so I actually cleaned all the clothes and toys out of the twins cribs - you know those things that are in their room that they are supposed to sleep in? Anyway, they have now napped in their own room for 3 days. They are still spending the nights in our room, but soon they will sleep in their own room I am sure. Well, maybe. ;)

Went to SF to have lunch with Bill. The girls had a great time. Got some new musical instruments for them, more books, and 2 puzzle boards.

Tomorrow the four of us are off to the dentist for check ups and cleanings.

I still need to get back to my soon to be office and finish painting in there, and get the shelves up, so I can move in. I desperately need to move in, so I can file all this paper that is cluttering our house, and actually be able to relax. Right now Bill and I are way too tense, and I'm sure part of it is from all the clutter around us.

Ok, that's it for the past week, and maybe for the next week too depending on how things go.


At 13 January, 2006 14:02, Blogger Andrea said...

you are fine on the ice, quit poopooing your mad skillz.

iow, KISS MY ASS! and i mean that with the best possible way. =D


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