Sunday, November 13, 2005

Riley teases Daddy

This morning as I was playing with the girls I once again noticed a special "aroma" in the air. I asked the girls if they had poo pants. Usually they will tell me if they have dirty pants by pinching their noses as if something were stinky. Today when I asked them, Riley got a mischievous look on her face and quickly signed that it was Daddy who had the poo pants. When Bill heard us talking about it, he came in to defend himself and Riley just giggled and giggled and "told" us again that it was daddy with the poo pants. You could tell she was quite please with her little joke.


At 14 November, 2005 12:41, Blogger Andrea said...

omg, i'm still laughing about it! that riley, so funny!

At 14 November, 2005 19:46, Anonymous imhelendt said...

Oh I think Bill had poo pants all right.....


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