Thursday, November 03, 2005

Chasing her tail

Riley has figured out that the diaper tabs are on the back of her diaper, but she can't quite figure out how to "catch" them. She's spinning in circles like a puppy chasing her tail trying to get to them. It's really pretty cute (and yes, a little funny.)


At 03 November, 2005 11:10, Blogger Andrea said...

i need a movie of this!

At 03 November, 2005 12:49, Blogger Viv said...

Yesh! Movie! Do take and post! :-D

At 03 November, 2005 14:50, Blogger snarfdog said...

I'll have to see what I can figure out along those lines.

At 04 November, 2005 12:01, Blogger Rich said...

Um.... yea! It is also quite funnz to dip a cats paws in vodka. The cat cant resist liking off the vodka or tequilla or rum or whatever... yea I know this for a fact.... The cat then becomes drunk and then the fun begins... I have also taped cans of coke to camels tails and just love feeding penut butter to dogs. I have heard that tossing an alka-saltzer into the air for a seagul to eat produces some funny results, but cannot verify as I have yet to try this trick.

At 06 November, 2005 08:33, Blogger seajade said...

somehow, i am sure this will affect her psyche and make her do strange things as an adult......:)


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