Tuesday, November 08, 2005

18 month check up

Today was the girls 18 month check up. It was mostly uneventful with the usual weighing, measuring, and updating on all health related news. We discussed Samantha's seizures and Riley's kidneys. All in all a normal appointment until Sam filled her diaper. The doctor had yet to check her, so I had to get her cleaned up right then and there. Well, the sink is completely across the room from the exam table, so after I already had her diaper off, I couldn't leave her there while I got a damp towel to wash off her tushie, so I stood her up on the floor thinking I could then get the towel and proceed to the final cleaning phase of the operation. Not so. For those of you who know Sam, you know she is very fast. Lickety split fast! Before I could even blink, she ran across the room, hopped up on the doctors chair, and happily (yes, happily) wiped her tushie all over it while she was sitting there. I quickly grabbed her, cleaned her up, got the requisite diaper back on, and then thanked my lucky stars that it was a vinyl chair as I cleaned up her art work. They thought it was humorous, I was mortified.


At 09 November, 2005 07:56, Blogger seajade said...

These are the moments you will treasure :)

At 09 November, 2005 12:17, Blogger Andrea said...

the aunties are with the girls and think that it's pretty dang hysterical. =D

At 10 November, 2005 12:20, Blogger Rich said...

Well Damn!!! Looking at your blog today made me laugh so hard!! Then I had to click on the photos. Then I had to see the I heart aunties shirts and that made me sad and then that led me to click on the gadgetgrrl comment and then of course I had to click on the babies photo album and of course that brought me to sniffles (when I saw the photo of me wiht baby.... Thank you so much for including that!!) and hiding a tear from angelica so that I could say "Its OK Angelica! We will see them again and they will remember us". Wiping away another tear I clicked on the blog of liz and read some of the old stuff. Damn funny you are liz!! Thank you for the laughs.... Now keep away from the twins or else!!! No seriously.. It was quite an emotional ride tonight and I thank everybody involved. Much love respect and kissy noses for everybody!!! Damn I sure miss you all and everything about you!!


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