Thursday, November 17, 2005

Lego Church

This is phenomenal. I think it looks fairly real considering it's made all out of Legos.

A few quick facts:
How long to build it? It was about a year and a half of planning, building and photographing.

How many pieces of LEGO to build it? more than 75,000

How big is it? About 7 feet by 5 1/2 feet by 30 inches (2.2 m x 1.7 m x .76 m)

How many LEGO people does it seat? 1372

How many windows? 3976

It features a balcony, a Narthex, stairs to the balcony, restrooms, coat rooms, several mosaics a nave, a baptistry, an altar, a crucifix, a pulpit and an elaborate pipe organ.


At 18 November, 2005 12:34, Blogger Andrea said...

what kills me is reading about someone who put painstakingly put together a desk, then took it apart so he could glue it together.


At 18 November, 2005 16:34, Blogger seajade said...

what do you think Lego people pray for?

At 18 November, 2005 16:35, Blogger seajade said...

the new photos are tooo cute...tooo cute! I know I always say that but it really is true.

At 21 November, 2005 01:46, Blogger Rich said...

HeHeHeHe....... Pipe organ!!! HeHeHeHe


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