Monday, October 03, 2005

So much to post, so little time.

We've had a big weekend here at our house. We started off the weekend with Sammi's seizure at the car dealership (not the way I would have chosen to start the weekend.) After that we were suppose to go to the first birthday party for one of our friends daughters, but after driving around for an hour decided to bail on that idea (plus we thought we should keep Sammi a little quieter for the day.)

After much discussion we decided to take a little family time (which we don't get much of) and spend the day at Happy Hollow. Happy Hollow, for those of you who don't know is a very small petting zoo and amusement park geared at preschool kids. Since it's late in the season, a little cooler, there was hardly anyone there. No waiting in line for anything. There were probably only a hundred families there total, and we only say maybe 10 other families at any given point in time. Needless to say, it was the nice quiet outing we were looking for. We didn't put the girls on any of the rides except the small merry-go-round because we didn't want to overstimulate Sam. Anyway, when we took them on the merry-go-round, Sam started shaking first and then Riley. Neither girl was smiling and we thought they were terrified, so we smiled at them and said silly things that parents will like, "Isn't this fun?" and just tried to get through the ride without them melting down. As it turned out, apparently they really liked it. When we tried to take them off, they both howled. The operator was announcing that since there wasn't a line if kids wanted to ride again, they could just stay on, so we buckled the girls back up and let them go again. After the next ride we tried to take them off, more howling and Riley was holding on so tight that I had to literally pry her fingers off the pole. She howled for the next 200 yards (until we were totally out of sight of the merry-go-round.) When I post the pictures later, check out her white knuckles. I swear they were having fun though.

Sunday morning we went back to the dealership where everyone was very concerned about Sammi and they were glad to see she was ok. Asked a lot about her before we even talked about the car again. We got what they call a Laser Blue Equinox. Apparently the "laser" part is that it makes the blue look purple, so yes folks, I know own a purple car. Eat your heart out Cathy. ;) It has XM radio (at least for the next 90 days), Onstar, front and side curtain airbags, cruise control, a tailgate table, and the front passenger seat folds flat for a laptop desk area. It should serve us well for the next few years.

After that it was HOCKEY!! Woo hoo! Green practice and squads were chosen. We had a bit of a scrimmage which was fun, but silly me pulled an offsides call. Rooky mistake, although in my defense my teammate had the puck, was moving it up the ice, I was in stride to enter the zone just after her and she stopped. Stopped at the blue line. Oh well, it was just a scrimmage and we're all learning. That'll teach me to hang too close behind my teammates.

And now it's Monday, and perhaps I'll get to play more hockey - at Logitech. Wheeeee.


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