Thursday, October 06, 2005

Children's Discovery Museum adventure

Tuesday we took the girls to the Children's Discovery Museum (CDM) where they have an actual area dedicated to infants and toddlers. There was a funnel type table where you could roll balls and they would go round and round until they finally fell out the funnel bottom, a vacuum system which would suck the balls up to the top of a wall and let them fall back down through a maze, a sand table with shovels, test tubes and other scientific devices for the kids to fill and empty, a make believe area with dress up garb and a table with pretend food, and a story area. There was also an area dedicated to crawlers where everyone has to take their shoes off and older kids are not allowed. Oh yeah, they had a little tunnel too with phosphorescent rocks that glowed under a black light, a sound area with things to push that would make the appropriate sound (ie: when you push the phone, it rings), and there were stairs that took you up to a little round room that had a small merry go round under glass that threw horse shaped multicolored shadows on the wall. The girls had a great time playing there and since it was all enclosed we didn't have to chase them so much. They were not ready to leave when we finally did.

When we left that area we went to the bubble zone where they have multiple ways of making bubbles including a machine that slowly drops a bubble from ceiling height about every 10 seconds. The girls stayed in their stroller for that and just got to blow at the sheets of film to make bubbles and grab at the big bubbles their Daddy blew for them.

Finally, on the way out, we stopped at the water zone. They have a great rainstorm area and a play place for toddlers only. There were streams of water that shot up that ballsactually balanced on. Sam had a fabulous time knocking them off and then trying to put them back on. Riley on the other hand had a great time putting balls in the water funnel - kind of like a giant toilet, but solid with water and the sides were clear glass so the whole thing looked like it was made of water. When you float a ball on top it gets sucked down the middle and out the bottom of the funnel. There were also spouts in the wall that poured water and little mini water falls as well as pooled areas to float the balls and scoop water, etc. We only got the girls out of the area by promising to feed them. (We had starved them for the whole 2 hours we were there - someone call childrens services.)

So, that was our day. I'm sure we'll be going back soon since we are now members.


At 07 October, 2005 10:12, Blogger Andrea said...

haha, you said "ballsactually".

andrea, laughing like 12 year old. =D

At 07 October, 2005 10:45, Blogger snarfdog said...

Darn space bar.


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