Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Banner day though it didn't seem like it

Ok, by the middle of this post some of you are going to be smacking your foreheads, and saying, "What were you thinking?", but I'm hoping by the end of it, you'll be saying, "Ah, it's all good."

Today started off with a nasty diaper rash for Riley, so since she had just "used" her diaper, I let her run around for a bit with nothing on. This makes her quite happy by the way. I also brought their potty seats out into the living room and told her if she needed to go potty, she could use her seat. (They both know the sign for potty.) After a bit I decided I was tempting fate so I put her back in a diaper.

While I'm in the kitchen, she comes to the gate waving her diaper to let me know she had taken it off. I went over and she handed it to me - it was soaked. Since she still had the rash I decided to ignore the fact that she was diaperless for a little bit. Besides, the potties were still there. Suddenly it bacame quiet, that quiet that every parent fears, so I walked over to where the girls were to find Sammi with two handfuls of excrement, happily squishing them around. Riley too had her hands "full" and was standing in a puddle of urine and stool. She looked quite upset, so I calmly cleaned up the mess and while I was doing it I told her, "It's ok Riley, we'll use the potty next time." After they finished helping me clean everything up, we had lunch and they went down for their naps, 2 1/2 hours - yippee.

After naptime, they got up, played a bit, and then Sammi came up to me and made the sign for potty, so I took her pants and diaper off and she trotted right over to the potties, sat down, concentrated a bit, and voila tinkled in the potty. She was quite pleased with herself and both girls were excited to pour it in the big potty and wave bye bye to it. Way to go Sam!!


At 19 October, 2005 19:27, Blogger Liz said...

It is seriously way too soon for that sort of behavior.

At 20 October, 2005 16:02, Blogger Jennie said...

Awesome! Graham started using the potty really early (11 mos till 18 mos, then decided he didn't want to), and potty-trained HIMSELF early, too (right about 2 1/2). Yeah!!


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