Sunday, October 16, 2005

Simple girl

I admit it - I am a simple girl. I like the basic things in life, I'm easily entertained, and I love the most basic of surprises. Why do I mention this now? Because now I have XM radio. It reminds me of when I first began dating my husband. I had never had cable tv and I was ok with that. I didn't need 150 channels to surf. Then came Bill and my life changed. He brought cable to my house and I slowly became a part time tv junky. After cable came TiVo and I became a full time tv junky. I'm not proud of this, and I often try to rationalize it, but the fact is, I love my TiVo and my cable tv.

Now we have this new car with XM radio - I don't need 150 radio channels to surf. So when's the TiVo for XM coming out? I'm sure I'm going to need it as soon as I figure out how to operate this system.


At 16 October, 2005 07:39, Anonymous Michael said...

Welcome to the XMNation !!!! XM will truly change your life. I watch TV so litlle right now @ home it amazes me.I'm an XM addict, but I havent converted my wife over yet, but she's slowly seeing the light :)


At 17 October, 2005 12:31, Anonymous imhelendt said...

A simple girl? Easily amused? You forgot to mention that if Bill tells you he brought home a surprise and it's a hershey's kiss, you're happy for a week!

At 17 October, 2005 12:45, Blogger snarfdog said...

That's true - in fact I'm smiling just reading that comment.


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