Thursday, March 17, 2005

The worlds most annoying toy and other news

Aunties Liz and Andrea have done it - they've bought the girls the worlds most annoying toy, or so they claimed. The girls love it as predicted, especially Riley who took to it right away. However, Sam has done her share of playing too. Let me explain this toy if I can. It is sort of hour glass shaped with the ends of the hour glass being short and wide. When one rocks this toy, it sets off a motor that "rocks" the toy in such a way that a ball in the top will spin freely around a bowl, much like a toilet bowl except the ball is never expelled from said bowl. While all of this is happening there is of course lights and music that go along with it. All in all, it has the potential for being the most annoying toy, but me being the most annoying mom kind of like it. Maybe just because I get a kick out of the girls rocking, dancing, and squealing with it. Pretty entertaining. Thank you Aunties.

Apparently it's the week of baby gifts. My quilt group (yes, I quilt people). Wait, I don't "quilt people", I "quilt". In any case, they made a beautiful quilt for each of the girls. Apparently they wanted to give it to me at the Christmas meeting, but I was horribly ill and didn't make that meeting, and the schedule for our group has been slightly off since then. In any case, the quilts are very beautiful, brightly colored with a star motif, and quilted in hearts (another favorite of mine.) A lot of work went into these by everyone, and I can't say how much I appreciate them, and I'm sure they will become very loved and treasured by the girls.


At 21 March, 2005 10:41, Blogger Liz said...

Thank you, thank you.


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