Monday, March 07, 2005

Tired, tired, oh so tired...

I'm usually tired after working all weekend and not getting much sleep, but this weekend seems to have really dragged it out of me. I'm thinking that perhaps I let the negative energy of certain people I work with get to me. At work there are anywhere from 7 to 12 babies in one room which means there are usually anywhere from 4 to 8 nurses. Sadly, nurses are not always the most supportive individuals for each other. This weekend I worked with one such nurse who feels she walks on nursing water. Unfortunately she brings down the entire room, and because of the way we interact you can't just ignore her. However, instead of letting her get to me, I think I may have to poke the sleeping bear next time. I'm sure I can find many ways to push her buttons - heck I'm up all night. Gives me lots of thinking time.

Samantha and Riley came to work this morning (Daddy had to get to work and I had a staff meeting after work, so I couldn't get home in time). They were looking rather stunned at being out so early in the morning (7:30 A.M.) They're usually up at that hour, but not usually out. They worked their magic though and charmed everyone in sight, even being sleepy. We came home, they nursed, we napped. Sweet, sweet sleep.


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