Monday, September 28, 2009

My Landscape Beautification Project

Dear Residents, Visitors, and People passing through Palo Alto,

My yard? It is not a landfill, please do not deposit your garbage here. While I appreciate that it is not beautiful, I do put some effort in mowing down those weeds to give it that lovely look of a scraggly lawn.

You people walking by while I'm mowing said weeds? Do not shake your head in disdain at my loud, ancient mower with the broken wheel. It's performing a much needed service.

Helpful man who warned me about the dangers of chopping ones foot off using a power mower? Thank you for your concern.

Residents, visitors, and people passing through Palo Alto, if you feel my yard is not up to snuff I will gladly accept donations of labor, plants, gardening, and/or money to fund this enormous project. Should we ever find ourselves in the position of having surplus food, water, clothing, and housing, I can assure you we will attempt to divert a portion of our cash flow to fund this project myself.

Until then a smile, a friendly wave, a knowing nod, etc. are all welcome "greetings" while I am laboring away at the battle of the weeds.


Somewhat sweaty, grumpy me

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At 28 September, 2009 21:47, Blogger genkimari said...

I would like to add that MY yard (for any doggie neighbors in Blossom Valley who may be reading this), is not a bathroom. Please go do your "business" somewhere else! ha! ha!

At 28 September, 2009 22:50, Blogger snarfdog said...

LOL!! Oh I should add that to my list too.


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