Tuesday, September 08, 2009

One set of carseats has become two

Since the girls were born we've always had a single set of carseats. They went in the Tahoe as it was what we deemed our safest car for them. (Our other car at the time was my Jeep Wrangler. Not really kid friendly.) It went without saying that the person with the kids had the Tahoe as well, so we swapped cars back and forth, as troublesome as that was.

This past spring we suddenly realized that we were going to need a second set of carseats since Bill would be dropping them off at school and I would be picking them up. His current place of employment is over 45 min away, which really doesn't make for great car swap possibilities, so we invested in new carseats which we installed in the Tahoe. We decided to use the older seats in the "blue car" as the girls have dubbed it. Now the blue car needed new tires, breaks, an oil change, and to have the AC juiced up before we could install the seats. Amazingly that has taken us all summer to accomplish, but finally the blue car was ready, so I installed the seats last night. Thank you Britax and thank you people who invented LATCH for a quick, easy, SAFE installation.

This morning the girls were SO EXCITED that they were going to get to ride to school in the blue car. A hug and kiss for me, and they were off, excitedly running after Bill to get into the blue car this morning. This is now a total of 4 cars they have ever been in during their little lives. They were so cute sitting up very proudly as they drove off to school.

See you this afternoon girls.

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At 08 September, 2009 12:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carseats...sigh. Everytime I look into our cars, I think of the $1200 spent on the 6 seats we have for the girls. But you can't put a price tag on their safety, so like you, I'm just thankful that such great seats have been invented!

At 09 September, 2009 15:14, Blogger snarfdog said...

And I'm thankful to have you on the carseat safety side. It's nice to see your responses on Bigtent.

At 28 September, 2009 22:24, Blogger genkimari said...

A belated, I'm glad that you like my Bigtent replies. Sometimes I worry that I'm coming off like a know-it-all or too preachy, but honestly, carseat safety is soooo important! My daughter doesn't call me "Safety Mommy" for nuthin'. LOL

At 03 October, 2009 00:56, Anonymous Kaitlynn said...

I am pretty much impressed with LATCH.! Really very good for car seat safety. I think its a have have thing for a car.


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