Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Since Andrea has blogged, I figure I should too

As usual, a lot has happened since my last blog entry. Most of it I remember from photos I haven't yet uploaded (although that process has begun.)

The girls had pajama day at school. A wonderful day in which (in theory) I didn't have to get them dressed for school. In reality they had gymnastics in the morning, so they had to get dressed for that, then come home and get back in their pajamas for school. They thought going to school in their pj's was the best. They also got to read bedtime stories, have warm chocolate, "go to sleep" and then had pancakes when they "woke up." All in all, it was a great day for them.

My birthday this year happened to fall on the annual St. Patrick's day dinner hosted by our church. Normally my birthday is good, or at the very worst it's uneventful. This year truly stunk. There were many awful things that happened (that I won't go into here), but the end of the day turned things around a bit. The dinner was a lot of fun. I found out one of my friends daughters was/has been one of the Celtic dancers that perform every year. My entire family generally attends these things, and so they brought my cards and presents there. I was very lucky to recieve a quilt made special for me by my SIL, Deb.

St. Patrick's day the girls and Val helped make Shamrock cookies for their teachers at school. My parents had also given the girls a plethora of green holiday items for them to wear and consume. They looked quite cute and were very excited.

That brings us up to this past week. The girls have become very sick, Riley more so than Sam which varies from the norm. After 5 days without improvement (and some degeneration) I took the girls to the docs office. It turns out they both have bronchitis and Riley has an ear infection (both ears) to top it off. They were sent home with antibiotics and inhalers, and seem to be on the mend. After 3 days of being in bed (voluntarily), Riley is finally up and playing a bit though she still seems tired and lethargic. Sam is still pretty cuddily, but gaining more energy herself.

On a side note, Bill, Stacey, and I are also sick, but mending as well. We were suppose to be up at my parents condo in the snow this week, but finances and illness had other ideas.

This weekend is scheduled to be a 3 night (12 hours each) work extravaganza, so no hockey for me. However, it should be noted that that is only temporary. Thanks to my wonderful hockey peeps who got me registered, I will be skating summer season. Woo hoo and THANK YOU!

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