Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A random post that's not about my kids

OK, it's about my 4 legged kid. Apparently he felt like he should be sleeping with us last night. He also thought that he should bring his own bed with him. Yep, Harrison dragged his dog bed up on our bed last night to sleep. Mind you, this was no easy feat. It's big and bulky, and our bed is tall (the top of the mattress sits just above my hips.) Needless to say, it did not stay up there, and I had to change the sheets for the second time this week.

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At 27 January, 2009 15:31, Blogger cheddah said...

okay, it's a pain that you had to change the sheets again, but that is really sweet.

awww, Harrison! pretty cute move, kiddo.

At 27 January, 2009 16:34, Blogger Viv said...

Gree! Totally cute! Woof!

At 29 January, 2009 09:28, Blogger Seajade said...

You gotta love it!


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