Tuesday, April 01, 2008

BBQ or attempted murder? You decide.

So last night Bill came home from work, and went to light the BBQ to cook some chicken he had been marinating. All was well and fine until he went to light the BBQ with the Scripto Windresistant lighter that the Easter Bunny left in his basket with other BBQ implements. As he pulled the lighter away from the coals, he noticed there was a bit more fire than there should be and immediately dropped the lighter on the ground. This is what it looked like 2 minutes into the burn:
Of course I had to get pictures, and of course that meant I had to get too close. Just as soon as the words, "Susan, I think you should back away from the lighter" were out of Bill's mouth, there was a little explosion and a lot more flame. I almost broke a leg in the process of jumping back. This is what the second burn looked like:

This is what the lighter looks like today.
And they were right. This was a wind resistant lighter. I think I may be sending them photos of this lighter.

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At 01 April, 2008 17:07, Anonymous Sahdow said...

I'm thinking they should look into making it a bit flame resistant on the parts that aren't supposed to ignite

At 02 April, 2008 09:54, Blogger heather said...

i think your easter bunny is a tad wicked. glad you're alright!


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