Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Not like him.

Last week Bill went on a business trip to New York. The girls and I took him to the airport, so the girls could get the idea that he was going away for awhile. "On a plane, just like Hawaii," per Sam and Riley. Of course we had to pick him up too, so I got there nice and early (earlier than planned), parked the car, and took the girls inside. We got a little snack and set ourselves up at the glass so they could see him when he came through the gate.

As we waited, Sam became more and more worried that he wasn't coming, or that he was lost. Finally she asked me if we would know Daddy when we saw him. I told her, "of course we will." This was not enough for her. She very calmly told me, "Mommy, Daddy has black hair and a big head, and he doesn't look like that guy (pointing to a random male passenger)." Now I know.

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