Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ta da!

This weekend we went up to snow country and were staying in a two story condo. Bill and I were in one bedroom and the girls were in the other bedroom. We were a little concerned the first night that the girls might wake up, be a little disoriented, and fall down the stairs, so we
tried to figure out some sort of obstacle to prevent this. We didn't have child safety gates, so Bill had the great idea to use the free standing steel fireplace screen that usually sits in front of the wood burning stove. He wedged it in their doorway after they went to sleep, so they didn't know it was there until they woke up.

When they woke up we heard a very quiet and earnest conversation between the two of them. Some of they questions asked were, "What should we do? Should we move it? Should we call Mommy and Daddy?" and some others that were too soft to be heard.

Finally Riley decided on a solution. She either pushed or kicked the screen down, and as it fell with a loud crash, she cried out triumphantly, "Ta da!" Bill and I almost couldn't control ourselves it was so hilarious.

After that, Sam said, "Good job Riley," and they both charged into our room.

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At 02 January, 2008 16:46, Blogger andrea said...

omg, they get funnier every minute!

i love the "TA DA!" from riley and sam congratulating her on a good job.

At 04 January, 2008 13:11, Blogger cheddah said...

oh, the cuteness.

Axel let out a random "TA DA!" a couple years ago and i'll never forget it!


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