Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Of snowmen and belly buttons...

Today started as any normal day in our household. Me getting irritated by a bunch of little things, the kids not listening, the dog chewing up paper towels and spreading them throughout the house, and all of us racing to get out of the house and on our way at the same time. As the morning progressed I became grumpier and grumpier until the two best little people ever turned it all around.

We went to that evil donut shop where they are now making snowmen donuts for the season. When Sam received hers she looked at it, tilted her head, looked at it again, and then said, "Mommy, why do snowmen have 3 belly buttons?" She was referring to the "buttons" down the front, but how could I not smile at that?

This question was quickly followed by Riley's ballad to her snowman. "I love snowmen. They are so cute. I love snowmen, I love snowmen," sung to the cutest of tunes.

And to top it all off Auntie Mo just arrived to take the girls for a walk.

I feel much better now.

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At 12 December, 2007 16:11, Blogger McJedi said...

I followed the link to the Evil Donut Shop's website, and looked at the "Doughtnut Highlights" menu. Their promotion: "Berry Bonanza" donuts for a limited time: April 9 through May 27.

Usability Rule #562: Don't have a "what's hot" website feature that you can't commit to maintaining. :-)

At 12 December, 2007 16:14, Blogger McJedi said...

I just noticed though that if you take the 's' off the end of the company name in the URL, you get a completely different website for the same company, one that looks a little more modern. Hmm.


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