Friday, December 14, 2007

Sam's Pajamas

The last couple of days Sam has been storing toys in her pajamas. The pajamas are the fleece footie kind that zip up the front. She simply puts the toy in the top of the pajamas and then guides it to her left leg if it's a toy for her or her right leg if it's one she's keeping safe for Riley. Yep, she's storing them for Riley too. Keep in mind that she is WEARING THE PAJAMAS, PLAYING IN THEM, AND SLEEPING IN THEM WITH ALL THE TOYS IN THERE. Following is a list of what I just pulled out when it was time to shower:
2 Disney phones
2 wooden airplanes
1 metal airplane
A 4" tall witch figurine
A golden retriever figurine
A Hello Kitty small plush
A Mr. Potato Head plastic saber
A kukui nut lei
A hand drum
1 lg. Superball
A rubber popper toy
A pair of sunglasses
5 Winnie the Pooh stickers
3 Tigger stickers
A butterfly sticker

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At 18 December, 2007 10:03, Blogger Jennie said...

Yep. Graham used to come home from preschool with rocks and sticks...

IN HIS UNDERWEAR. Yep, right there next to his little tender penis.

So I started sending him with clothes with pockets every day. 'Cause, yikes.

At 18 December, 2007 12:19, Blogger cheddah said...

hahaha! too cute.

btw, why can't i find footie pajamas for adults? (or adults who refuse to believe they are adults and still want footie pajamas, like me!)

At 20 October, 2008 21:27, Anonymous Footed Pajamas said...


You can find footie pajamas in adult sizes here:



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