Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Egg toss

Today the girls had to figure out how to protect eggs so that when they were fired from a catapult they wouldn't break. They were presented with a table that had some styrofoam type stuff, foam trays (like those from meat in the supermarket), felt, tissue paper, toilet paper rolls, cups from egg cartons, tape, string, and plastic. The girls picked all their own materials, decided how to "wrap" them, and only had me help with the holding and taping when they needed an extra hand.

After their creations were complete, we headed out to the park where they had the catapult set up, and each child got to place their creation in the catapult, then stand back and watch it fly. I was pretty impressed by all of the kids creations. Out of 8 kids, only 3 eggs broke. Pretty good for 3 to 5 year olds if you ask me.

After launching them several times, we opened them up and took out the eggs. Then the kids had a choice of taking the egg home for their parent to cook, giving the egg back to the zoo so they could use it to feed the animals, or launching it again without any protection so they could see it explode. One of my kids chose to launch the unprotected egg while the other offered to give hers back to the zoo for the animals. Can you guess which was which?

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